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FAQ For Top Dock Pro & Services?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Q: Are you mobile?

A: Yes, we are 100% mobile for boat detailing. We travel to marina's, private residence, etc... The only option we have available for detailing at our location is for auto.

Q: What products do we use?

A: 90% of the products we use are professional grade products from Starke Yacht Care. Starke is one of the industry's leading brands in yacht surface protection.

Q: Why choose Top Dock Pro for your detailing needs?

A: Top Dock Pro is licensed, insured, and offers a unique service to our clients. Specializing in boat restoration, we can transform any boat back to factory condition. Extreme passion, experience, and our commitment to serving our clients makes us different.

Q: Can we just wash & wax your boat?

A: No, it's not suggested. Almost all boats require at least a polish to restore oils back into the boat before sealing the gel coat with wax. This ensures for maximum durability of the wax, polymer sealant, or ceramic coating.

Q: How long do polymer sealants last in Florida?

A: This can vary based on how your boat is stored, but generally, with proper maintenance - 5 to 6 months.

Q: How long do ceramic coatings last in Florida?

A: This can vary based on how your boat is stored, but generally, with proper maintenance - 18-24 months.

Q: What is considered proper maintenance?

A: Proper maintenance includes washing your boat (ph balanced soap) on a routine schedule which is no longer than 14 days apart. It also includes avoiding the use of degreaser, dish soap, boat acid, or any other harmful chemicals that may cause the polymer/ceramic to come off the boat prematurely. If SiO2 is recommended, that may also be considered proper maintenance.

Q: Do you use wax?

A: Traditional wax has many drawbacks. In extreme environments such as Cape Coral, wax is often short lived and offers very little protection (2-3 months). With the advancement of polymers and nano technology, Top Dock Pro, only offers polymer and ceramic options to better serve our clients.

Q: How long does it take to detail a boat?

A: On average, most boats that come through our company are 3-5 days projects. Most of this time is spent on prep which includes, sanding, buffing, or polishing.

Q: What is our most popular detailing package?

A: At the moment, the "tropical detail" is our most popular package. It's our polymer sealant package. It includes a wash, hull cleaning to remove marine growth, hull prep and sealant, topside prep and sealant, cockpit prep and sealant, nonskid prep and sealant, replenish SiO2 topcoat, compartment cleaning, vinyl seat cleaning + protectant, mold and mildew removal, clean windows and/or isinglass, and polish brightwork by hand.

Q: How do we handle billing?

A: We make billing easy and up to date. You can pay by check, bank account number, or debit/credit card online.

Q: How would we handle a customer dispute if needed?

A: One of our core values is service excellence, which makes us more than happy to come back 1 extra time to make it right.

Q: How often should I get my boat detailed?

A: For our tropical detail package - 2-3 times per year, overboard package - 1 time per year, for our 1% package - every 15-18 months.

Q: What do you do for vinyl seats and plastics?

A: We remove all stains, mold, and mildew off of vinyl seats and recondition them with a water-based protectant which lasts 2-3 months. For plastics we clean by hand with degreaser to remove oils, dirt, and restore color. Following that process, we apply protectant or ceramic coating to plastics..

Q: Can you ceramic coat vinyl seats?

A: Yes it's possible, but vinyl is pliable and we find it hard to believe that the bonds hold together very long. Not to mention the risk you encounter of vinyl turning yellow due to ceramic application and sun exposure. Instead, we just simply appreciate the glossy look and slick feel to vinyl after using a conditioning product over a ceramic coating.

Q: How do I know if my boat needs wet sanded?

A: Take the flashlight of your phone and put it up to the gel coat? Can you see the light of your phone clearly? If so, your gel coat is in great shape. If not, you can expect us to make a professional decision that determines buffing or sanding for your boat.

Q: Ceramic coating vs. graphene coating?

A: A silicon dioxide (SiO2) based ceramic is your standard ceramic coating in the marine industry. SiO2 provides durability, slickness, and uv protection. These coatings last 18-24 months in a marine environment. Graphene on the other hand is carbon based. Graphene opposed to silicon dioxide, provides a higher contact angle with water, anti-static properties (dust), and heat reduction. Often times graphene is added to silicon based ceramic coatings for extra benefits. These coatings also last 18-24 months. Further research is needed to suggest if graphene is any better than SiO2.

Q: Do you offer ceramic coatings and graphene coatings?

A: Yes, we offer silicon based ceramic coating and graphene ceramic coating options. Our clients are free to choose the option they want for their boat.


To learn more about boat cleaning and detailing tips follow us on YouTube. Want to keep up on our day-to-day projects? Or maybe learn a quick tip? You can do so by following us on our other social media platforms listed below. Until next time!

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