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A man pointing to a boat.
A man on a boat.

In 2021, Top Dock Pro was refounded with a simple Mission: Providing an unforgettable customer service experience by building meaningful relationships and encouraging innovation.

Our Vision: “Inspiring boaters to do more and be more”


Our Purpose: “To provide an exceptional service that makes people happy.”


Welcome, I'm Simon Kromer and at 20 years old I founded Top Dock Pro (2019).


What you can expect?


You can expect an honest, personal, and friendly experience from our team at Top Dock Pro. We strive to ensure an elevated customer service experience that promotes your satisfaction. We want our customers to feel delighted with our services, not just satisfied, which is why our team will persist until each job exceeds customer expectations. We are not perfect, but you can expect a better experience from our company. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are getting the service you deserve! 



How I got started?


During the summer after my junior year of high school, I started my new job working under a subcontractor for a boat dealer in Huron, OH. Sounds pretty boring right? But during my short time working there (3 months) I was able to gain all sorts of valuable knowledge in the industry. I was able to get hands-on experience washing, detailing, and polishing boats. I enjoyed what I was doing, including the crew I worked with, but it felt like most of the time I was just there to collect a paycheck. During the time high school football was more important to me.


Shortly after I started working in the industry, I realized what a great opportunity the boating industry could offer me. The boat owners I had encountered were super friendly, they always seemed happy, and I valued the opportunity to work on Lake Erie. It’s much harder to dislike your job when you have an amazing view of the lake! In fact, my favorite view was washing boats at Son Rise Marina with Cedar Point displayed in the background.


I wasn’t appreciative during the time, but looking back I should have been present with every moment. Once the summer came to an end and I started my senior year of high school, I hadn’t revisited the boating world again until 2019. That’s three whole years! The next two summers I got a job working in a factory in Port Clinton, OH. I hated it! The idea of getting back into the boating industry continued to persist in my mind from time to time, but I never had the vision of actually getting started until the fall of 2018, during my first year at The Ohio State University.



Why I started the company?


At 20 years old, starting up the business was challenging. At the time, I had just under 3 months of boat detailing experience and zero business experience. So, you may be wondering why I started the company. I knew I had to start Top Dock Pro when I truly realized how many boat owners were being unserved or underserved! And I was exactly right. In our first year alone, we were able to serve dozens of boat owners and give them the results they desired. Nothing is more delightful than seeing our customers thrilled with our services. Currently, our company strives towards becoming the best boat service company in South Florida.

Now, in 2021, moving towards my third year in business, I live, breathe, and dream boat detailing. I know this is my true purpose and passion. So much, I would rather be working on a boat at the moment of me writing. I appreciate your time reading this page, my business means the world to me. On November 1st 2021, as we transition from Northeast Ohio to Cape Coral Florida, please be patient and understanding. For further support, advice, and updates follow us on Instagram and Facebook @topdockpro. Follow us for more in-depth learning videos and vlogs on YouTube under Simon Kromer. Check out our company values below.


Our core values


Top Dock Pro was founded on five core values which ultimately describe our company; absolute integrity, service excellence, hard work and productivity, continuous improvement / never being satisfied, and make people happy. These five values drive our company and determine our level of success as both a team and a business.


Absolute Integrity: We hold our company to some of the highest standards in the industry. And one of those is absolute integrity to our clients. Every client deserves to be treated with honesty, fairness, and equality in ALL instances. 


Service Excellence: Our industry is driven on results. So we decided to exceed the standard. Top Dock Pro is committed to delivering exceptional quality every single time.

Hard Work & Productivity: Laziness does not have a place to exist inside our company. Hard work & productivity is required for quality, focus, and serving more client's. 

Continuous Improvement / Never Being Satisfied: We always strive for more. On a personal level and for the business. Innovation is necessary for service excellence to be achieved. 

Make People Happy:  Our business was founded to make people happy. It's everything. Without this core principle, the rest doesn't matter.  

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