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Whatever IT Takes
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Southwest Florida

  1. Absolute Integrity

  2. Service Excellence

  3. Productivity

  4. Continuous Improvement

  5. Make People Happy

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Premium Detailing Packages

Midnight Detail

(3 months of protection)

  • SiO2 Silica Protection

  • Wet Sanding, Compound

  • Plastics & Vinyl

  • Brightwork (Stainless)

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Tropical Detail

(6 months of protection)

  • Nano Wax Protection 

  • Wet Sanding, Compound

  • Polish

  • Plastics & Vinyl

  • Brightwork (Stainless)

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1% Detail

(Up to 24 months of protection)

  • Ceramic Protection (2 layers)

  • Wet Sanding, Compound, Polish

  • Plastics, Vinyl, Hoses

  • Brightwork Coating (Stainless)

  • Nonskid Coating

  • RegenX Topcoat

Book A Quarterly Wash & Get The First One FREE 

Not sure where to start with maintaining your boat? A quarterly wash is a great step in the right direction! Just as you would wash your car, your boat needs the same attention! Boats are prone to rust damage, mold, and bottom staining. These can all be eliminated with a quarterly wash from Top Dock Pro. Let us save you a few hours off the boat and doing the things you enjoy!


Weekly: $4 per foot

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Bi-Weekly: $5 per foot


Monthly: $6 per foot

Ceramic Coatings

Long-Term Protection: Helps preserve condition and value of vessel. Chemical resistant

Easier Cleaning: Saves you time and effort while washing your boat

Gloss Retention: Has the highest gloss retention of any protection system 

Armus Hull Pro

Durability: Clear nano-epoxy bottom paint that won't chip or fade. Protected over multiple seasons.

Retained Value: Hull Pro allows your boat to look its best without compromising it's natural appearance

Vessel Performance: Hull Pro creates a super slick surface that reduces drag and proven to improve vessel performance for customers

Teak Varnish

Long-Term Protection: The best way to preserve the teak on your vessel from sun and water damage

Durable: Varnish prevents structural damage to your wood by blocking out chemicals and normal wear

High Gloss: Teak varnish has an outstanding gloss that adds character to your boat

Boat Restoration

Step 1: Wet Sanding

Wet sanding allows us to remove your "oxidized" gelcoat. You will never get this gelcoat back, it's already broken down & wasted. It must be removed to reach the fresh gelcoat once again and achieve the high gloss look everyone is after. This is the ONLY process that will do this effectively by giving your boat added longevity. Wet sanding can be viewed negatively, but it's actually a benefit for your boat and allows us to correct several issues.


Step 1:

Pick a service. Fill out a quote.

Step 2:

Recieve a call from us. Schedule an appointment.

Step 3:

Receive a proposal. Okay the paperwork

Step 4:

Book the project. Get locked in

Client Testimonials
A clean shiny boat on the dock.
"He removed decals and resealed the hull of the boat. Also cleaned the seats. Did a great job, will use him again, highly recommend him. Thanks again Simon." 

- Bob Rice

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brand new paint boat
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Support Our E-Book

Have you been struggling to restore your boat? Does every year end with the same result… disappointment? Well, I have the exact solution you are searching for in this e-book. This a full comprehensive and practical guide laid out in 291 pages to help you make your boat detailing dreams a reality.

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