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Medical Disclaimer: This website does not provide medical advise. All content on this site is for general information purposes only. No material on this site is intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider regarding any questions you may have. This includes, undertaking a new health care regimen. Never discard or delay professional medical advice because of something you have read on this website.

Are you ready to take your health to a healing level? Master your energy, your emotions, and your life? Wait... that's just scratching the surface! Within the 1% community we only strive for the BEST possible results for our clients. Here you will learn how the healthiest people around the world live their lives. Yes that's right, the 1% of health. Almost everything you need to immerse yourself into this reality is already around you. You are a very powerful creator and have access to healing yourself at all times. Sound exciting? I hope so... but be patient. We have more to cover. 


The 6 dimensions to wellness/health. Let's talk about them! Environmental, Emotional, Intellectual (mental), Physical, Social, & Spiritual. True health and healing goes far beyond what most people can currently comprehend and understand. Yes, I am going to ask you to be extremely open minded as I introduce new ideas and concepts in the following text. Most individuals are deluded. They are deceived into believing or thinking they are healthy. Let's get this straight... 99% of the population hasn't even broke the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fully immersing yourself into this idea. You are unaware what full health really is capable of creating for your life. It's the ultimate life experience. It's a truth. Most people are not ready for this because they aren't taught this in school or university. This information puts jobs and entities at risk. Unfortunately, most people stop using their capabilities to learn in their young twenties (after graduation). A life without learning is a life without living. Read that again! Are you ready?

Environmental Health. This dimension to your health is often overlooked unless you're very observational! The job you work, the city you live in, the toothpaste you brush your teeth with, the filtered water you drink, the people you interact with.. yep this is all environmental. Did you know the toothpaste you use to clean your teeth, the filtered water you drink on a daily basis is slightly decreasing the quality of your life! YES, it most certainly is... but why? Chlorine (in filtered water) and fluoride (in most toothpastes) are both toxic chemicals. So how could you better your health? Choose to drink natural spring water and opt for a fluoride free toothpaste! These are very base level examples. Remember, a lot of what I am opening you up to, you will want to deny. I ask you keep an open mind. 

Emotional Health. I'll be honest... I struggled in this dimension for a long time, as many people do. In the past, I blocked myself off to certain emotions as a defense mechanism. Through a lot of mediation and my current journey to mastering the other dimensions, I have opened myself up to all emotions. I am able to experience most emotions on a very deep level. An example? If you can look someone in the eyes, and cry out of pure love, this is what I mean. Mastering your emotions is really a beautiful thing. It's amazing. It allows you to connect very deeply with all personalities of life. It bridges the gap between seeing people as being different than you. It allows you to connect with nature, animals, and perhaps most importantly, your true self. Did you know there are over 25 emotions, yet most people on average only experience 6! (Explain the 6 here). This dimension of health can be very painful to experience, it is a journey, but an amazing one! Let's avoid the concept of looking at emotions as good or bad. All emotions are beautiful and it's important to experience them all. 

Remember, as we go through these 6 dimensions of health, people will be gifted at some dimensions over others due to their DNA and personality! It's okay, you are perfect as you are! We are here to learn and grow!

Intellectual Health. Also known as mental health! Mental health ranges from realizing your own abilities, to how you deal with stress, and creating habits that serve your life. At the core, it's really the perspective you create within your own mind. Most people deal with the daily struggles of life with negative reinforcement. This may lead to long-term anxiety, depression, alcoholism, behavioral issues, eating disorders, paranoia, etc... It's this constant battle of rewarding & punishing ourselves with negative consequences. It's often short-term pleasure for long-term pain. Everyone has experienced this to some degree. Right now you're set at a certain temperature within your life. You have to go in and turn that temperature up. It's time to turn the heat on! It's a mental battle, always, forever, but it's one you can set up to win. It's creating positive habits, and the journey WILL be painful. It's constant failure and overcoming temptations. I have developed a good system in place to reward myself! And you can do the same!

Physical Health. This is dimension comes easiest for me personally! Most people probably assume physical health is ONLY fitness. Kind of, but also much more! This includes a person's physical activity level, diet, nutrition, sleep cycle. substances you consume, etc... It's the state of your physical body and how well it's operating. Unfortunately, the internet has promoted many unhealthy activities within this dimension of health. For example, bodybuilding, fruit juices, and promoting diets that are unsustainable. In this dimension we dive into healthy forms of exercise, grounding, ancient therapies, all aspects of nutrition, diet, sleep, and more! 

Social Health. 

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