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Top Dock Pro - Cape Coral 

Discover World Class Marine Detailing in Cape Coral with Top Dock Pro

Marine Services Cape Coral 

Welcome to Top Dock Pro, the go-to destination for high end boat detailing in Cape Coral, FL. Nestled off the southwest coast of Florida, Cape Coral's unique climate demands rigorous boat care to maintain vessel appearance and integrity. At Top Dock Pro, we offer an extensive range of professional marine services designed to protect and rejuvenate your yacht, ensuring it stands out year-round. Reach out today for a FREE estimate and experience our world-class customer service and commitment to excellence. We are Cape Coral's premier boat detailing company.

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Boat Washing
Boat Detailing
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Bottom Painting
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Teak Varnish
Ceramic Coatings
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Mold & Mildew

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm
​Sunday: Closed

Contact Our Cape Coral, FL Location

3542 Aspire Cir Apt 1408

Cape Coral, FL 33914


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Our Services

Midnight Detail

(3 months of protection)

  • SiO2 Silica Protection

  • Wet Sanding, Compound

  • Plastics & Vinyl

  • Brightwork (Stainless)

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Tropical Detail

(6 months of protection)

  • Nano Wax Protection 

  • Wet Sanding, Compound

  • Polish

  • Plastics & Vinyl

  • Brightwork (Stainless)

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1% Detail

(Up to 24 months of protection)

  • Ceramic Protection (2 layers)

  • Wet Sanding, Compound, Polish

  • Plastics, Vinyl, Hoses

  • Brightwork Coating (Stainless)

  • Nonskid Coating

  • RegenX Topcoat

Weekly Wash Plan


Bi-Weekly Wash Plan


Monthly Wash Plan


Armus Hull Pro

Looking for performance and speed on the water? Armus Hull Pro is the most advanced technology for epoxy based bottom coatings while offering multiple seasons of protection. 

Bottom Painting

Looking for durability and barnacle release under your vessel? We work with a select list of anti-fouling bottom paints to get the bottom of your boat protected and easier to maintain.

Ceramic Coatings

What is a ceramic coating? To keep it simple, ceramic coatings are the highest level of liquid protection you can put on your vessel currently. They make boat washing a breeze compared to any other protection system, saving you time while eliminating the need for hard scrubbing. PH neutral boat soap and a wash mitt is all you will need to wash your boat. Ceramic coatings also prevent rust, mold, and staining while the ceramic is intact with the surface of application. They keep your boat looking show ready year-round for aesthetic fanatics and offer max protection typically rated around 12-24 months. 

Mold & Mildew

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Mold and Mildew is a never-ending problem for boats in SWFL. Although there is NOT currently a permanent solution to this, there are ways to drastically reduce having to use harsh chemicals on your vinyl which can cause long-term damage to both the vinyl and stitching. 

We currently have the best solution for this, and that is Xanigo Marine. They specialize in safely removing mold and mildew while preventing it for months on end. Their products have helped our clients see huge changes and results they never had access to previously. We proud to say we are a certified installer of Xanigo Marine!

Products & Partners
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